International Street Food Festival

When: Sunday, Sep 28, 2014, 5:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.
Where: Edgewood Park Cove
Total Seats: 200

photo credit: Lisa Buser, Memphis: Sweet, Spicy and a Little Greasy 

$100 per person – Hurry! Tickets are selling fast!

Chefs Andrew Adams, Jennifer Dickerson, Mac Edwards and Jonathan Magallanes are cookin’up big plans to celebrate the arts and the community street food style in a festive and friendly Midtown Cove and they want you to come join the party!

Get ready to sample French, Mexican, Vietnamese, and Norwegian cuisine prepared by some of your favorite local culinary talent. Watch in awe as they prepare their dishes, answer questions and generally have a great time celebrating a variety of international influences on southern cuisine.

Relax and enjoy this world of delights in a fabulous setting, transformed for the evening by talented stylist Ashley Binkley. Further beckoning you on a sensory journey, award-winning designer chocolatier Chef Phillip Ashley Rix will join us to create several new pieces of edible art, drawing inspiration from the international regions represented. You will be surprised and delighted by the rich and vivid artwork presented in a live demo by free spirited Mexican artist and Memphis resident Yancy Villa-Calvo. Little Barton will fill the evening air with sounds from the golden era of country music and  Opera Memphis will pop up with a regionally representative repertoire.  It will be a festival to remember! 

photo: Yancy Villa-Calvo

A Message from Jonathan Magallanes

A message from Jonathan Magallanes (Las Tortugas Deli Mexicana) about what it takes to keep our vibrant arts and culinary scene thriving in Memphis! Support Jonathan and ArtsMemphis at the International Street Food Event 

Hosted by

Mary Allison & Andy Cates, Sally & Ashley Pace, Lynn & Jonathan Rowe, Andrea & Allen Schwager and Susan Schwartz

I am unable to attend, but would like to make a donation to ArtsMemphis.

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