Founded in 1963, ArtsMemphis is an innovative community fund that provides funding, mentoring, and advocacy on behalf of arts, music, dance, and theater programs in Memphis, Tennessee.  Started by community leaders with a deep commitment to the arts, ArtsMemphis’ mission is to raise funds to ensure excellence in the arts and build a vibrant cultural community for everyone. 

Over the last decade, ArtsMemphis has worked to build a significant endowment for ongoing grantmaking, brokered partnerships with key corporations and foundations in the area, and supported vital community engagement campaigns like the Audience Development Initiative, bolstering the organization’s presence and impact within the communities it serves.  As a result of these efforts, ArtsMemphis has provided over $40 million to more than 60 community arts organizations.

ArtsMemphis Culinary Series

The ArtsMemphis Culinary Series is the result of an evolution a decade in the making. Artrageous, our annual fundraiser in found spaces, gave way to ARTAFACTOR, a yearly celebration of the arts. ARTAFACTOR was originally designed to celebrate the arts in private homes with exquisite personal art collections. As its popularity grew, ARTAFACTOR developed into a large, lively party that shone a light on a variety of Memphis visual artists and performing arts groups.

Today, the Culinary Series events allow partygoers to savor chef creations and experience the arts like never before.  In 2012 & 2013, ArtsMemphis produced two Culinary Series seasons, allowing partygoers to savor chef creations and experience the arts like never before. Comprised of 12 dinners each in private homes and authentic Memphis landmarks, they raised a combined $200,000 for the arts and introduced a wide variety of Memphians to our communities' artistic talents in a most unusual way.

This year's ArtsMemphis Culinary Series, "Mad & Hungry", will have you raving! Insanely talented chefs will satisfy your cravings in wildly Memphis venues while we share some of our city’s most stimulating artistic fare, nourishing your passion for certifiably great art, music and dance, all while contributing to the vibrant arts in Memphis.